Services. We offer our services to private individuals and foreign companies
with business interests in Spain and Europe.


We offer INTERNATIONAL LEGAL CONSULTANCY SERVICES to give advice on how to manage business projects efficiently, including a range of issues, such as logistics, business planning, and strictly legal issues. This is a one-on-one service, involving just one consultant, a service that is coordinated and client centred, with no translation costs or travel expenses, and without the challenge of communicating in a foreign language when negotiating or contracting.
This is our most important contribution and the most valuable benefit we offer our clients.


Civil law, commercial law and private international law: 

  • Legal advice on matters related to the above-mentioned legal areas, especially if cross-border legal issues are involved.
  • Establishment of business entities, branch offices, representative offices, and business associations.
  • Company restructuring processes, pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Development and implementation of company management body agreements.

 Business law, international procurement, and European Community law:

  • We specialise in international contract negotiation, drafting and execution: buying and selling contracts, and agency, distribution and franchise agreements.
  • We review contracts with a critical eye towards negotiating more favourable contract terms and to make sure that they keep pace with changes to European Community law.
  • We work closely with our clients during the negotiation process, negotiate contract terms on their behalf and provide expert advice on the best available options from a legal, strategic and business point of view.

Civil, commercial and international procedural law: 

•     We offer complete assistance in any LEGAL OR OUT-OF-COURT PROCEEDINGS in Spain and abroad, bringing our experience and expertise in this area together with our ability to communicate fluently in six languages: Catalan, Spanish, German, Italian, English, and French.



In addition, we have a NETWORK OF PROFESSIONALS across the European Union. We have put much time and effort into building this team, which is committed to delivering cost-effective solutions in the shortest time possible, regardless of the complexity of the situation at hand.

We work in close collaboration with auditors and tax law and labour law specialists.



We also offer an IN-COMPANY TRAINING SERVICE as a bonus for the company and its executive team. Investing in specialist legal training is the most effective way to add value to the organisation and its people. The programmes offered focus on practical legal issues and are designed to suit the needs and requirements of each company in order to achieve maximum results. Our in-company training offers ideas and legal expertise, helping to fuel the growth of the company.